Fonden VoxHall presents live music at its two venues Atlas and VoxHall - both
situated in Mølleparken in central Aarhus. SEE MAP HERE!
We present concerts with bands and artists covering many different genres - click
the Rock, Urban, Heavy, Jazz and World buttons at the top of our site to dig deeper
into the different worlds of the genres or press "Alle" to view all of our current shows.
Tickets for our concerts can be bought via the "Køb" button which is located on
every concert page on this site. Unless a concert is sold out it is also possible to buy
tickets at the entrance on the night of the concert.
While VoxHall has existed since 1999 (rebuilt and expanded to a 700 people
capacity in 2009) the smaller venue Atlas was established in 2010 - its capacity
is 300 people. Both venues present Danish as well as international bands and artists.


Fonden VoxHall

Vester Allé 15

8000 Aarhus C

Tlf: +45 87309797

Phone hours: Monday - friday 10.00 am - 03.00 pm

Mail: fondenvoxhall@fondenvoxhall.dk